What To Do In Lanzarote During Christmas & New Year

Merry Christmas From LanzaYachting
Merry Christmas From LanzaYachting

Spending Christmas and New Year in Lanzarote can be a fantastic experience! The weather in December and January on the island is generally mild and pleasant, making it a great escape from the UK & other colder countries. Here are some things you might enjoy:

  1. Beach Time: The water can be really refreshing at this time of year & the beaches in Lanzarote are always beautiful for walks, sunbathing, or enjoying the scenery.

  2. Volcanic Landscapes: Explore Timanfaya National Park to witness impressive volcanic landscapes and unique geological formations. The volcanic activity has shaped the island, and it's quite a sight to see.

  3. Local Celebrations: Experience Christmas and New Year celebrations in a different cultural setting. The locals often have events, markets, and festivities that you can join. The Spanish main Christmas celebration is "The Three Kings" which is on 6th of January. Christmas eve and obviously New Years Eve are also other main dates.

  4. Outdoor Activities: Go hiking, cycling, or take part in water sports like windsurfing or kiteboarding. The temperatures are usually comfortable for outdoor activities during this time.
  5. Sailing Trips & Boat Tours: The winds in December/January are generally from the east which makes Lanzarote ideal for sailing trips and boat tours. The sea state is generally calm all year round in the south of the island.

  6. Cuisine: Enjoy local Canarian cuisine. Try traditional dishes like papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) with mojo sauce, fresh seafood, and delicious cheeses. The main dish on Christmas eve is normally sucking pig.

  7. New Year's Celebrations: Expect lively celebrations in major towns and resorts with fireworks, parties, and events. Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise, and Playa Blanca often have organized celebrations.

  8. Local Markets: Visit local markets such as Teguise Market to explore handicrafts, local products, and experience the vibrant atmosphere.

Keep in mind that during this time, Lanzarote is very busy with tourists, so it's good to plan and book accommodations and activities in advance. (please contact us at LanzaYachting if you wish to book sailing trips or boat tours) ). Enjoy your holiday!