1. Where does the boat trip start from?

We can actually start from any marina (by prior arrangement) however most of our trips are from Puerto Calero in Lanzarote. We can meet you at Cafe Del Puerto in the marina.

2. Do you include food and drink on the trips?

Yes, all food and drinks are included for each trip. Generally we serve local beers, wines, bubbly and local tapas foods. No one goes home hungry or thirsty! Gin and tonic's are served during a sun set cruise. We can change our menu (food/drink) to whatever you require, from the most expensive champangue's and wines to personal chef's cooking. All by prior arrangements.

3. Do you offer collection and drop off from resort?

Yes, we can normally arrange collection and drop off but please book this as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

How long are the trips?

We offer 5 different boat trips starting with 2 hours then 4 hour, 6 hour, 8 hour & 12. We can also offer a a night on anchor or a few days in a different marina. We say anything is possible but all by prior arrangement.