Special Celebrations In Lanzarote

Getting Married On A Yacht In Lanzarote
Getting Married On A Yacht In Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a perfect location for a special celebration like weddings, birthdays, graduations or even just to celebrate life!, Lanzarote is a beautiful destination with stunning landscapes, beaches, and a unique volcanic terrain. There are of course fantastic hotels, restaurants boats and yachts where you can enjoy the party atmosphere. Here are some suggestions for your celebrations in Lanzarote

Beach Wedding Ceremony: Consider having a beach wedding ceremony with the picturesque backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. Popular beaches for weddings include Playa Blanca, Papagayo Beach, and Famara Beach. You may want to hire a local wedding planner to help with the arrangements.

Venue for Reception: Choose a venue for your reception that complements the natural beauty of the island. Many hotels, resorts, and restaurants offer event spaces with ocean views or within lush gardens. Some popular areas for celebrations include Puerto Calero, Playa Blanca, and Costa Teguise.

Local Cuisine: Treat your guests to the delicious local cuisine. Lanzarote offers fresh seafood, Canarian potatoes, mojo sauces, and local wines. Consider having a traditional Canarian menu for your wedding reception, and don't forget to include the famous "papas arrugadas" (wrinkled potatoes) with mojo sauce.

Celebrate On a Boat or Yacht: At LanzaYachting we have some great contacts for wedding celebrants, five star chefs and arrangements for special wedding days. We do of course also have everything needed for any special celebration, recently we have had 40th, 50th and 60th birthday celebrations where our clients ordered Johnnie Walker Blue Label & Dom Pérignon! .

Adventure and Excursions: Plan some exciting activities for your guests to enjoy during their stay. Lanzarote offers various excursions such as exploring Timanfaya National Park, visiting the Jameos del Agua, or taking a boat trip to see the island from the sea.

Themed Birthday Party: Since you're celebrating both your wedding and birthday, consider having a themed birthday party. Whether it's a beach party, a Spanish fiesta, or something unique to your interests, a themed celebration can add a fun and memorable touch.

Professional Photographer: Capture the special moments by hiring a professional photographer. Lanzarote's landscapes and the unique architecture of places like César Manrique Foundation make for fantastic photo opportunities.Relaxation and Spa Day:

Plan some downtime for you and your guests. Lanzarote has several luxurious spas and wellness centers where you can relax and rejuvenate. Consider booking a spa day as a pre-wedding or post-celebration treat.Traditional Music and Dance:
Incorporate some local music and dance into your celebrations. Hire a traditional Canarian music group or a flamenco dancer to add cultural flair to your wedding and birthday festivities.Remember to plan well in advance and, if needed, seek assistance from local wedding planners who can help make your celebrations in Lanzarote truly special.